Posted by: Melissa | August 5, 2009

Countdown to Recess

Two long days left before the recess!  I got home around 11:45 last night, then got back up at around 5:50.  It’s going to be another long night tonight, too.  They’re recessing from 3-5.  Ugh.  They’re doing alternating hour blocks of time, on speaking on Sotomayor.  I’d love it if they got the confirmation done tonight.  Then apparently we’re heading to Cash for Clunkers.  Tomorrow will be a nice, long night, too.  At least with the train I’m out by 10:15 at the latest.

I’m thinking, during all of my down time I’m sure to have today, I really need to write up my Thank You Cards for Chris’s birthday.  I wish I had the money to order announcements for his first birthday, but I just don’t.  It’s cool.  Because I also already sent out his first birthday email and most of the announcements would have gone to the same people who already got the email.  This way no one feels obligated to keep the picture either.  lol, I love putting people’s pictures up on our fridge.  I wish Chris didn’t take everything off of the fridge or I’d move them lower, so he could see everyone.

This week has been somewhat interesting, so far.  Monday, on the way up the Hill from Union Station, this HUGE, nasty green bug flew onto my shoulder at full speed, then proceeded to sit there until I completely spazzed — the bastarded even looked me in the eye!  Then, on the elevator up from the basement of the Capitol, something possessed Bob and I to push the buttons for all of the floors — our stop is the first floor, and there are two more floors up.  Well, when the elevator stopped on our floor, who do we proceed to practically walk into?  Yes, the Majority Leader!  Oy! 

I got to play with the cutest little girl today.  Elizabeth had a couple friends come in this morning for a few minutes and they brought their daughter in.  She’s a couple months younger than Chris.  Leigh volunteered us to watch her while Elizabeth took her parents up to the Gallery so they could see some of the speeches.  She was so adorable!  She was very mellow (unlike my own kid, even at that age!) she had a blast playing with our ID badges and a string of Mardi Gras beads.  She was hysterical, when she got really tickled by something.  She had this muppet laugh — wide open mouth, with a little hiss of a laugh.  So stinkin cute!  We were even able to get her to crawl a few inches.  Her parents said she had just started crawling while they were here visiting in D.C.  How fun!  That kind of made my morning.  That and how stinking cute my own kid is.  He is always so fun in the morning.  I’m glad I’ve actually got my little routine going.  I had the ingenious idea of making enough pancakes on Monday morning that I could feed him for the whole week.  He’s been having two pancakes and a bunch of fruit every morning.  He cracks me up how he savors his breakfast.  Seriously, it takes him a good half an hour to eat his food, as he gets distracted by every little thing; that and he likes to talk to me.

He’s so cute.  He is practically running now!  He babbles all the time.  He loves raspberrying people and things.  He is back to sleeping through the night.  He has this pony he can ride and bounce on and it plays music (and is a learning video game, when he gets a little older), and he is so cute, when he climbs on there, bouncing and jabbering, then he climbs back off and finds something else to play with.

We’re heading down to Hickory, NC this weekend for the Stickley clan gathering.  Should be interesting.  This will be his longest car trip to date.  He seems to do all right, as long as he has something to play with.  I think I’m going to cram myself in there between him and Sammy, so I can be within easy reach if either of them need anything.

So, I finished one of the books I think I had on my list from my last entry — NOPE!  Just looked back and it’s not on there.  Well, I finished The Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho.  I highly recommend it if you’d like to read a book about human nature and the struggle between good and evil.  I also read Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson — it was a romance book for a book group I belong to on  I’m currently reading another quick book:  The 5th Horseman by James Patterson.  I’ll probably finish that either today or tomorrow.  I’m still waiting on the two library books.  I’m sure Chris and I will be making a trip next week to pick them up.  They should be fairly quick reads, too.  That’s about how my attention span is, right now.  Quick reads without too much thinking involved.


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